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Individual membership in the club is open to all persons without regard to age, race, religion, sex, or national origin. The only requirement for membership will be the payment of an annual membership fee.

Membership Application

A membership application is available as an Acrobat PDF File.

Membership Classes

Full Membership - $10/Year

Full Membership in the club for persons 17 and older, entitles you to all membership privileges.

Household Membership - $5/Year per member

Members of the same household may pay a discounted rate under a housemate who has a current Full Membership in the club. They must be living at the same address as the Full Member of the club. Only one Newsletter or club mailing will be issued to a household. Household Memberships will not receive personal copies of publications.

Cadet Membership - $3/Year per member

Household members under 17 may pay a discounted rate under a housemate who has a current Full Membership in the club. They must be living at the same address as the Full Member of the club. However in addition to the Household Membership restrictions, they do not have voting privileges in the club, they can not hold office, and they cannot take Event Duty.


Membership Privileges and Responsibilities

Membership entitles you to a number of privileges in the club from voting and joining in the direction of the club, to access to our lending library and possible free admission to coneventions by taking Event Duty.

The USS Tranquility also maintains expectations of its membership to behave in a responsible manner when representing the club and when interacting with fellow club members.

Details on privileges and responsibilities of membership can be found in the USS Tranquility Bylaws.


Membership Fees

Membership fees are due at the time of enlistment.

The membership fee is intended to cover production and mailing of the club publications, subsidizing club events, and the promotion of the club.

Members may upgrade to Full Membership by paying the difference of a Full Membership and their current membership fee.

Moneys paid for membership are non-refundable.



The annual renewal periods shall be January and July. A member's renewal period will be set to the renewal period closest to their enlistment date in the coming year. Membership fees for renewals are to be to the Financial Officer no later than the General Meeting held in that renewal period.

The renewal period of a Household or Cadet membership is the same as the Full Member they are associated with no matter when they personally enlisted in the club.

The month before the renewal period Red Commander will announce the renewals coming due, and a note will be included with those members' newsletters.

If a member decides not to renew their membership with the club the following changes to their status will take place. All benefits and privileges are immediately suspended. After two months all currently held Merit Points are permanently discarded. After five months they are decommissioned and any rank held in the club is removed from records. Rank can only be regained through normal progression if a former member rejoins the club.


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