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USS Tranquility NCC-9801

The starship USS Tranquility was originally commissioned in June 1990 with a small core group of members. Since that time, the ship's membership has grown considerably. We now have over twenty members that have a wide range of interests, hobbies, and talents. The ship was christened the Tranquility because of the very non-tranquil commissioning. Originally a Schollnick Class starship, a new Excelsior Class vessel was commissioned in 1994 to carry on the mantel of the Tranquility.

Here is a sample of some of our community service projects:

Overseas Coupon Project/Program (Oct 1998 - current)

WXXI Membership drives, auctions, sporting events and kids events

Booth at St. Ambrose Church Summer Festival

Toys For Tots

Sam's Club Hot Dog Sales for Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong

Donations of yarn and blankets for dialysis patients at Strong and through The National Kidney Foundation

Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education to local schools

Pop tabs for Make-A-Wish Foundation

MS Walk

Trvia Contest at the Helmer Nature Center

Adopted an orangutan at the Seneca Park Zoo

Tops receipts for Scottsville Veterinary Hospital

plus many more time and monetary donations made by our members over the years

Created - March 1995
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