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The third Friday of each month.
Meetings run from 7 PM to 9 PM
Adams Street Recreational Center
85 Adams Street
Rochester, NY 14608

The USS Tranquility meets monthly. The first portion of our meetings is when the club officers make announcements and we discusses club business. Club members are then free to bring up any business or news they wish to discuss. Once the more formal aspects of the meeting are out of the way we take break and socialize, usually with a snack someone has brought to share.

From month to month we cycle through a variety of activities for the second half of our meeting. One month may be a discussion group, while another may be game night. We also have movie nights where we watch a science fiction feature, or maybe a recent Star Trek episode not everyone has had a chance to see. Given the opportunity, we are always glad to have a guest speaker address the club. For example Sarah Higley, a University of Rochester professor who has had her script and a story produced on Star Trek, joined us for a wonderful talk.

Visitors are always welcome, so stop by and see first hand what we're all about!

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