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To view upcoming events for our club see our Event Calendar. Club members can also find event information at our Yahoo Groups site.

There are a few events that have become traditions for our club. In August we have our annual Tranquility Olympics picnic. Our annual Barter Bazaar, where members bring in Star Trek and Science Fiction collectibles and memorabilia they are willing to trade or sell, is held in November. It's a great time to get some early holiday shopping done! Of course we always enjoy a party so we celebrate our Anniversary in May, as well as having bashes for Halloween and the Holidays. We also have an annual Bowling Tournament in March and an annual Miniature Golf Tournament in September.


The Conventions Calendar page is a listing of domestic and international sci-fi and fantasy conventions.

The next convention we are getting ready for locally is Astronomicon coming to the downtown Clarion Riverside on November 11th-13th 2005.

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